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Rise Ts and Cs

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End-User or User means someone who uses the service but is not necessarily the party responsible for payment of the service, for instance, this could be a family member living in the Subscriber’s home.
ISP means an Internet service provider – that is the party the end-user (or “Subscriber”) contracts with to recharge or order a Frogfoot RISE Prepaid Service. The ISP then obtains the service from Frogfoot, on Frogfoot’s fibre network.
Subscriber means you, the person who orders and pays for the Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service.
Terminal Equipment means the ‘box’ and associated hardware installed in your property and which is used to deliver the Frogfoot RISE service to you. The Terminal Equipment belongs to Frogfoot and may not be removed by you.

First Time Registration and Installation of Prepaid Fibre service

1. The 14-day free service applies to first time installation done by Frogfoot.
2. Frogfoot RISE free service provided during the trial period shall be on a 50Mbps/25Mbps wi-fi enabled service.
3. If the Subscriber has not subscribed for a Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service during the trial period, the service will be suspended at the end of the 14-day trial period.
4. The service will remain suspended until such time as the Subscriber orders and pays for a Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service with their selected ISP.
5. Once the 14-day trial period commences, it will not be interrupted for any reason (i.e. loadshedding/network downtime etc.) and will expire after precisely fourteen (14) calendar days have lapsed. Thereafter no further free trials will be permitted, even if a new tenant moves into the property where the Frogfoot RISE service is offered.
6. Once registered, the Subscriber will be able to login into their registered profile via or by contacting their selected ISP for assistance to recharge.
7. Should the Subscriber subscribe for a RISE Prepaid service during the trial period, the balance of the 14-day free trial service will fall away upon successful payment.


1. The Subscriber’s ISP will perform authentication set-up for your Internet service which will mark the Activation date.
2. The contract period for each subscription will commence on the Activation date.
3. Recharge is only allowed with the Subscriber’s current ISP on current registered address (erf/premises).
4. We have a strict no-refund policy so Subscribers won’t be able to cancel their recharge subscription after payment has been processed.

Terminal Equipment

1. Terminal Equipment always remains the property of Frogfoot.
2. Frogfoot will provide Terminal Equipment with original manufacturer’s warranty.
3. If repairs or replacement must be done on Terminal Equipment that is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty and that has been damaged by anybody other than Frogfoot, Frogfoot shall charge the full rate for the call-out to repair/replace faulty Terminal Equipment directly to the Subscriber.
4. The RISE Prepaid product will be delivered over 2.4GHz spectrum only.
5. The optimal Wi-Fi service performance may be affected by the following.

  • The position of the Wi-Fi equipment, Thick walls, Fish tanks, Mirrors, Microwaves or Homes that is bigger than 100m2
  • The number of smart devices connected to the Wi-Fi service such as Laptops, smartphones, televisions, and gaming consoles.
6. The number of smart devices will be limited to a maximum of 10 devices in each home.
7. The Subscriber Gateway will have no Ethernet capabilities.


1. Should the subscriber wish to change ISP the function will be available to do so by selecting “Cancel ISP” in the captive portal.
2. The Subscriber will be required to notify their ISP directly of the intention to cancel their Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service at the end of their subscription term. The ISP will then in turn submit cancellation of the Subscriber’s link to Frogfoot.
3. After a suspension period of thirty (30) days has lapsed, the service will be terminated. If the Subscriber changes their mind and wishes to recharge the service, this must be done before the thirty (30) day period lapses.
4. The onus will be on you to cancel your re-occurring subscription on your selected credit card or debit card.
5. A Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service can only be terminated at the end of the applicable subscription period (7/14 or 30 days).


Sharing of personal information.

By registering, I acknowledge and agree that Frogfoot is required to share my personal information with the Internet Service Provider I have selected to provide me with the Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service. The sharing of my personal information is only for the express purpose of providing me with the Frogfoot RISE Prepaid service.

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