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We Are Frogfoot

Frogfoot Networks is a leading open access Fibre infrastructure provider, enabling businesses and homes in South Africa to live, work, learn and play online.

As a licensed open access Fibre network provider, Frogfoot has an extensive footprint across South Africa, connecting thousands of businesses and homes across most small and major cities.

Frogfoot is widely acknowledged as one of South Africa’s leading network providers, praised for their technical excellence with a proven track record of deploying and managing large scale Fibre optic networks.

Why get Fibre To The Home?

A new way forward

Fibre to the home (FTTH) replaces the tired old copper cable with optical Fibre capable of providing blazing fast Internet!

Change the way you stay in touch

VoIP (Voice over IP) can cut your phone costs by making calls (locally and internationally) from your home at a fraction of current costs, but with crystal clear quality.

Listen, watch, download

Rapidly download or even live stream your favourite HD TV shows, movies, games and music via the Internet.

How fast is fast?

Enjoy speeds up to 10x faster than a standard ADSL line with Frogfoot Fibre. The dreaded buffering sign will become a thing of the past!

Take your office home

Working from home has never been easier. Connect to Froggin' Awesome Fibre and never miss a beat.

Stay up to date with the latest resources

A fast connection ensures that your kids can now keep up with their assignments and homework with e-learning and access to top resources.

What is Fibre To The Home, exactly?

Fibre to the home (FTTH), replaces the tired old copper cable to your home with optical Fibre, capable of providing blazing fast Internet! Your Internet connectivity can now experience a dramatic improvement with no more long delays when downloading files, music and videos. With Froggin’ Awesome Fibre, you can open up a whole new world of online services.

How do I get Fibre to the Home on Frogfoot?

In order to enjoy Froggin’ Awesome Fibre, you will need to place an order with your preferred Internet service provider on the Frogfoot website or directly with the ISP. Once your order has been placed, the ISP will need to accept the order and confirm your information. Once your order has been placed with Frogfoot and your zone is live, there is a standard lead time for installation. In this time, you will be contacted by the installation team to schedule a time to install at your home.