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Frequently Asked Questions

FTTB stands for Fibre to the Business which refers to the physical Fibre optic connection between your business premises and the Frogfoot network.

This will depend on the location and type of service ordered on the network. Make sure to place an order with your preferred Internet Service Provider to start the process.

The most trusted ISPs are connected on the Frogfoot network. Contact your ISP and ask for a Frogfoot Fibre to the business service.

This service is available anywhere in the Frogfoot Coverage area, visit our coverage map to view availability.

There is a coverage map on the portal where residents can enter their address to check their coverage. You will either be in a planned zone (Red), a work in progress zone (Yellow) or live precinct zone (Blue). Red zones will not be assigned a date for deployment, whereas Yellow and Blue zones will have an estimated date for deployment indicated on the map.

If your address falls outside of a determined zone, you are unfortunately not on our list of rollout areas, but you can register your details on the website to indicate your interest.

Where Frogfoot roll out next will be dependent on where the greatest interest is and the highest concentration of ISP signups occur. So if you want Fibre soon, persuade your neighbours to show interest! You can simply register interest on the Frogfoot portal.

Our Frogfoot coverage map is kept up to date with estimated go-live dates to keep you informed. Note that your Internet Service Provider is always your first point of contact regarding order and installation updates. We will keep them informed of all dates and information in order to assist you as their customer.

Any fibre operator has to comply with the City of Cape Town regulations and standards. Our contractors will take every precaution to complete installations with the least disruption to residents and we endeavour to reinstate the driveways and sidewalks to their original condition.

Microtrenching uses a machine the size of small car to cut a slot in the road surface ensuring that installing Fibre no longer involves days of trenching, burying pipes, and then backfilling and reinstating the pavement back to its original state. Depending on the type of road and the depth of existing services – like electrical power and water – this ‘micro trench’ can be 20mm to 60mm wide and 300mm to 500mm deep, usually near the edge of the roadway. The machine has a blade in front (much like a giant angle grinder) that cuts into the road surface.

Depending on the terrain and the experience of the team, a four-man team and a machine can conceivably complete between 200m and 400m of trench per day.

Note that only select suburbs allow microtrenching.

1. Planning and wayleave approval

Once we have selected an area to approach for Fibre, we will apply for wayleaves to build in the suburb. We will submit the required documents and plans that detail the planned routes for the build and this is sent to various council departments.

2. Trenching

Once the approvals and permits have been issued, our teams will start the build. This entails trenching along the sidewalk on public property and laying duct and placing manholes. We then ensure that we close up the trenches, keeping the public area safe for residents.

3. Reinstatement

We have various teams that follow the trenching team to reinstate and return the sidewalks and verges to their original state. They will relay new tar and fix paving in the line created by the trenches as indicated and approved by council. Plants and grass will be replaced and replanted based on its original state. Photos are taken of each verge before the work is conducted to ensure that we reinstate correctly. If there are any issues after our reinstatement turnaround time of 4 weeks, please email with your details and the team will be happy to assist.

4. Laying Fibre

Once all ducts have been laid correctly and the area has been reinstated to its original state, we will proceed with blowing Fibre. We open up the manholes and use high pressure air to push the Fibre through the empty ducts. We are then able to connect the strands of Fibre by joining two sections of Fibre to each other.

Frogfoot air is an entry-level WIFI-only fibre solution. A device that gives you a taste of the Fibre experience at a lower cost. The available speeds are 10/1Mbps and 20/2Mbps and there is a limitation of 2.4GHz band spectrum, supporting up to 10 devices in your home.  

Our packages include asymmetrical speed services with 10/1Mbps and 20/2Mbps.  

Frogfoot air is only available in select areas. To find out if this product is available in your area, please check your coverage.

If you have a standard Frogfoot service already installed in your home and would like to downgrade to Frogfoot air, you can simply place a new order for air. The equipment will need to be replaced with a new Frogfoot air device.

If you would like to upgrade from Frogfoot air to a standard device, you can place an order with your preferred internet service provider or directly on the Frogfoot website. We will simply enable the ethernet ports on the equipment and your ISP will need to send their router.

Once you have confirmed a time with the installer, you will be one step closer to froggin’ awesome fibre.

During your appointment, the installation team will conduct a survey that indicates the route build from the road into your home. Once you have confirmed in writing that you are happy with the route proposed, the team will trench up to your home and lay the fibre. They will then install the FTB inside your home closest to a power point and the ONT will be plugged in.

Once you have confirmed that you are happy, our installation team will upload your acceptance to our system and your ISP will be notified to send their router. This plugs into the Frogfoot ONT. If you have any technical issues, please contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

Telephony services – VoIP (Voice over IP) can cut your phone costs by making calls (locally and internationally) from your home at a fraction of current costs, but with crystal clear quality. This is run on your fibre line and is a service offered by select ISPs.

DSTV-ready connections – In select complexes, we prepare your home for a DSTV connection through fibre.

Secure your home and suburb with CCTV – Rolling out a fibre network makes it possible for CCTV cameras to be placed throughout the community, which can play a significant role in improving the overall security in the areas they cover. This will be discussed on a case by case basis if applicable to your community.

If your Internet Service Provider is on our network, you can stay with the same ISP. Please contact them directly to discuss the porting of services.

Yes, your number can be ported over to any ISP that offers Voice services, is signed up for porting, and has a contract with Frogfoot. You should enjoy cheaper voice calls over the Fibre connection. Some providers might charge a small administration fee to port your number, but with an open access model you will be able to compare cost and choose from any provider that will serve your area.

The acquisitions team will be in touch with your body corporate and will arrange a site survey to be conducted by the planning team. Once they have conducted planning and have assigned a contractor to the project, you will be advised on a build date.

If your area is covered by Froggin’ Awesome Fibre, you can get in touch with our acquisitions team to sign up. They will need to be in contact with your Body Corporate or HOA to gain permission to build and discuss the route plan. Please email with your details and complex information and our team will get in touch.

You should always contact your Internet Service Provider for an update on your order. They will follow up with Frogfoot on your behalf.

In order to enjoy froggin’ awesome fibre, you will need to place an order with your preferred internet service provider on the Frogfoot website or directly with the ISP.

Once your order has been placed, the ISP will need to accept the order and confirm your information. Once your order has been placed with Frogfoot and your zone is live, there is a standard lead time for installation. In this time, you will be contacted by the installation team to schedule a time to install at your home.

To follow up on your order, kindly contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

If your Internet goes down:

1. Confirm power to Frogfoot ONT and your client router.

2. If both are powered, reboot both devices by turning them off at the wall.

3. If connectivity does not restore then confirm the below.

4. Is the broadband LED ON/OFF.


If broadband light is off:

1. Inspect the yellow cable for any bends or breaks.

2. Make sure the yellow cable is securely connected to the white wall box and the black FF ONT. You can unplug the cable by holding the base of the connector and pulling gently. When you plug the cable back, there will be an audible click to indicate that it is securely connected.


3. If the broadband light remains off then report the fault to your ISP.

If broadband light is on:

You will need to check the connectivity between the FF ONT and the client router:

1. Unplug the network cable from the yellow Ethernet port on the FF ONT and gently plug it back in until there is an audible click.

2. Unplug the network cable from the ISP router and gently plug it back in until there is an audible click.

3. Confirm that the Ethernet light is green on the FF ONT – this confirms connectivity between the Frogfoot ONT and the ISP router.

4. If your connectivity remains down, report a fault to the ISP.

Broadband and service light – indicates connection to the Frogfoot Fibre network.

Ethernet – shows connectivity between the Frogfoot device and ISP router.

If there are any outages on our network, we will update our network status page on the website and alert all Internet Service Providers with customers who may be affected. It is then the responsibility of the ISP to inform their customers. All updates will be shared with the ISP directly.

If your Internet drops, please contact your Internet Service Provider who will be able to assist.

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