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What is Fibre to the Business?

The most reliable and scalable way to connect your business to the Internet over a fibre optic connection that supports the enablement of IP based products as you know it today and in the future. Such services include Data, Voice over IP, Video, Voice and Cloud services and they are seamlessly and effortlessly traversed over an established, high-speed network.

Why get Business Fibre?


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Why get Business Fibre:

Affordable Pricing

Pricing for Froggin’ Awesome Fibre is often less than for a standard ADSL line!

Save Time with Faster Speeds

With speeds up to 10x faster than a standard ADSL line, you can get more done!

Use VoIP to make Calls

VoIP (Voice over IP) can cut your phone costs by making calls (locally and internationally) from your business at a lower cost.

Keep your Business Connected

Make sure your business is always online with a reliable connection.

Access the Cloud

Upload and download files with ease - make the way you do business even better.

Keep your Business Safe

Keep your business safe with a CCTV camera system that runs on a stable connection.

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