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How is Fibre deployed?

1. Planning and wayleave approval

Once we have selected an area to approach for Fibre, we will apply for wayleaves to build in the suburb. We will submit the required documents and plans that detail the planned routes for the build and this is sent to various council departments.

2. Trenching

Once the approvals and permits have been issued, our teams will start the build. This entails trenching along the sidewalk on public property and laying duct and placing manholes. We then ensure that we close up the trenches, keeping the public area safe for residents.

3. Reinstatement

We have various teams that follow the trenching team to reinstate and return the sidewalks and verges to their original state. They will relay new tar and fix paving in the line created by the trenches as indicated and approved by council. Plants and grass will be replaced and replanted based on its original state. Photos are taken of each verge before the work is conducted to ensure that we reinstate correctly. If there are any issues after our reinstatement turnaround time of 4 weeks, please email with your details and the team will be happy to assist.

4. Laying Fibre

Once all ducts have been laid correctly and the area has been reinstated to its original state, we will proceed with blowing Fibre. We open up the manholes and use high pressure air to push the Fibre through the empty ducts. We are then able to connect the strands of Fibre by joining two sections of Fibre to each other.

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