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What checks can I do myself?

If your Internet goes down:

1. Confirm power to Frogfoot ONT and your client router.

2. If both are powered, reboot both devices by turning them off at the wall.

3. If connectivity does not restore then confirm the below.

4. Is the broadband LED ON/OFF.


If broadband light is off:

1. Inspect the yellow cable for any bends or breaks.

2. Make sure the yellow cable is securely connected to the white wall box and the black FF ONT. You can unplug the cable by holding the base of the connector and pulling gently. When you plug the cable back, there will be an audible click to indicate that it is securely connected.


3. If the broadband light remains off then report the fault to your ISP.

If broadband light is on:

You will need to check the connectivity between the FF ONT and the client router:

1. Unplug the network cable from the yellow Ethernet port on the FF ONT and gently plug it back in until there is an audible click.

2. Unplug the network cable from the ISP router and gently plug it back in until there is an audible click.

3. Confirm that the Ethernet light is green on the FF ONT – this confirms connectivity between the Frogfoot ONT and the ISP router.

4. If your connectivity remains down, report a fault to the ISP.

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