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Product Overview: Bandwidth Core

Frogfoot will provide the ECSP with managed ECNS (Layer 2) bandwidth services on a wholesale basis for ECSP’s use between the Frogfoot Aggregation Node nearest to the Subscriber and the Access Connect Service.

This Service is measured and allocated regionally and billed nationally. The Bandwidth Core service excludes Link and Access Connect (E-NNI) services.

Infograph/Video/Image: Heading

Features & Benefits

Volume discounts ranging from (100 Mbps – 100 Gbps)

Link contention allowed (i.e. rate limits only applied at Interconnect)

Bandwidth purchased nationally

Bandwidth may be over subscribed

A minimum of 100 Mbps bandwidth must be purchased per E-NNI or E-NNI Group

No rate limit is applied at the Subscriber links

Coverage Check

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