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Fibre trends SA can expect to see in 2022

If there is anything that 2021 has taught us, it is that you cannot take anything for granted, writes Shane Chorley, head of sales and marketing at Frogfoot. The local fibre landscape is evolving rapidly: changes in home and workplace…

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Which Fibre package should I choose?

We get asked this a lot when customers are in the beginning phases of ordering Fibre. We’re an Open Access network and it is important for us not to favour any specific ISP over another, but we know that it’s…

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What is micro-trenching?

When a telco installs cables of any sort between one point and another, there are a limited number of ways of doing so.  Cables, copper or fibre can be installed underground or overhead between poles.  Overhead (or aerial) cable is…

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Why the Fibre rollout process is slow

“Fibre rollout is slower than Telkom’s dial up. More chance of leaving the country, than actually getting it installed.” This comment left on the Frogfoot Fibre page represents a common frustration from residents eager to get fibre and unaware of…

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