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Frogfoot apologises for network outages

Dear Customer

Frogfoot Networks would like to apologise for the network instability that affected customers in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape between 25 May and 3 June, which has since been resolved in partnership with its vendors.

Frogfoot identified that the core routers in Cape Town experienced crash events on their line cards due to a software bug following a configuration change – carried out as part of its overall network design upgrade – causing regional connectivity interruptions. The same configuration changes were applied to core routers in Johannesburg and Durban successfully.

Frogfoot’s core team worked closely with technical specialist teams (JTAC and ATAC) and the company’s equipment vendor, Juniper Networks, in order to investigate the cause of the event and identify what was needed to address the issues, which proved to be more complex and challenging than originally anticipated. Some failures were the first of their kind globally. The fix included software updates, rebooting routers and replacing physical line cards.

As of 4am on Friday 3 June, the problem has been resolved and no services are currently impacted. Frogfoot Networks understands the impact on our clients, and apologises for the interruptions in connectivity. We are working closely with the same technical specialist teams at Juniper to mitigate against such issues in the future.

Frogfoot has seen improved stability after the software update in Cape Town, and will be scheduling this change in other regions for further improvements and standardisation.

Shane Chorley
Head of Sales and Marketing

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