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Welcome to our froggin' awesome news portal! This is the place where we discuss all things Fibre - from information on how we do installs to current trends in the Fibre industry.

Realising abundant connectivity through Open Access Fibre

Shane Chorley, Head of Sales and Marketing, Frogfoot Networks. When it comes to Fibre connectivity, the concept of an Open Access business model is here to stay. It provides the most effective way of driving competition between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) while giving customers freedom of choice at affordable rates. Under an Open Access model, […]

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Tips to protect your kids online

When used correctly, the online world can be a wonderful place. Fibre connectivity has shifted our way of thinking and opened so many new possibilities of what can be accomplished online. It’s become an integral part of our daily lives, and in the process, the lives of our kids, creating an undeniable need for safety […]

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